Summer Creativity 2015

Come and meet your innate inspiration on a nourishing holiday in southern France!

15th to 22nd of August 2015



The more we can access our creativity the more we feel full of energy and excited by being alive. As we open up to the sensations of our body we are also connecting to the world around us. Bringing qualities of curiosity, passion, humour and flexibility into our lives enables us to be present from moment to moment and enriches our experience.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis course is for everyone wanting to enhance their creativity in life by nurturing a rich and deep connection to body, earth and imagination and transforming it into art.

Creativity though is not only about being an “artist” . We are being creative every time we do something unfamiliar or unexpected. We are already creative in order to survive.

                                                                                   This course could change your life.

tiempos_moderno_2Everyday life is often full of rushing and strain and to cope with its intensity we can separate and numb ourselves. This course is an opportunity to wake up our being, our body and our connection to the earth and then return to everyday life more empowered!

A unique combination of art activities and Mindfulness practice.

P6050797_1 The Mindfulness practices and art work are taught together because they are intimately related. Keeping them apart in life is one of the factors that can stifle our creativity.
The guided exercises to deepen our connection will be varied and include Mindfulness meditations, movement and dance, body awareness and guided journeys to help us to dive into the deep wellspring of our being.

The different art techniques will support us in using the power of our sparkling creativity regenbogenand transform it into art and into daily life. Practical guidance will be offered in clay, felt, painting and land art and everyone will be encouraged and helped to discover the medium to which they feel most drawn.

As the week progresses we will be encouraged to follow our own rhythms and instincts, moving beyond the formal structure into an individual flow that will support our own creativity.


francais, deutsch, italiano




Felting, Land Art, Clay and Painting


To live ‘well’ is an art that develops from how fully we perceive & inhabit our worlds


Enjoy the tranquillity of a traditional courtyard farmhouse and gardens.



delicious and enticing meals to hold body and soul together; created with love.

Getting here

All the information you need for coming to Os Figueiros in south west France.

About us

Bibliographies and information about the course facilitators


a fair exchange; not too expensive for you and remuneration for us.

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