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Free time


The techniques and exercises to deepen our connection will be varied and include mindfulness meditations, movement, body awareness, guided journeys, enhancing imagination and opening to the world around us.

The core of the week will be daily morning and afternoon sessions combining exercises to deepen awareness with practical art work. ( for sample day see below)IMGP1951

Guided exercises  movement and dance will help us to dive into the deep wellspring of our being. From this source we will be supported to use the power of our sparkling creativity and transform it into art and into daily life.

The mindfulness practices and art work are taught together because they are intimately related. Keeping them apart in life is one of the factors that can stifle our creativity.

Practical guidance will be offered in clay, felt, painting and earth art and everyone will be encouraged and helped to discover the medium  to which they feel most drawn. All materials will be provided. If however, you would like to bring materials you already know well and wish to explore more, do let us know.

As the week progresses we will be encouraged to follow our own rhythms and instincts, moving beyond the formal structure into an individual flow that will support our own creativity .P1050891

Sample Day (the structure of a day can change if needed)

Optional Meditation
Mindfullness/Art Session
Free Time
Afternoon Mindfullness/Art Session
Free Time

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free time


Free time (every day) will be full of possibilities;- integrating  new skills and experiences, quietness, wandering about, walking in the woods, relaxing within Os Figueiros, dancing, swimming in the river, resting, lying in the hot tub, exploring nearby villages or markets, having fun, working on our art, doing nothing, gazing at the stars.



Find your own balance;


paint and create outdoors, lie in a hammock, walk in the woods, swim in the river, explore mediaeval villages and local markets. 

anna 062 (427x640)landart3P1010628

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