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Miriam Rose
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Miriam Rose

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I love to facilitate the process of revelation in others.

 I am experienced in group-work, teaching, and counselling.

 I live in South Devon between Dartmoor and the sea.  I have four children and

 one grandchild.



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Carmen has spent the last 30 years researching studying and teaching shiatsu, yoga and meditation in both Europe and Asia.

From her experiences with shiatsu she realised how important it is for people find tools to help and empower themselves

and for herself what empowers her the most is art and meditation. Her personal research in the last ten years has been to develop ways of adapting and integrating the amazing tools she learnt in Asia into our European way of being and thinking.

She loves to combine different kinds of Meditations and Art, knowing how much they can nourish and sustain each other and how together they can have an amazing impact on daily life and our capacity to cope with difficult situations. She is deeply convinced that every human being is an incredible assembly of art and beauty, full of infinite possibilites and resources.It is just that sometimes we are blocked or stuck and unaware of our potential.

She is engaged in personal research on how, through art and meditation, we can rewire the brain, changing thought patterns in order to free us from our habitual automatic behaviour and provide long term healing.DSCN5018

Carmen was born in Switzerland and is an artist with painting her favourite medium. She loves cooking and creating tasty, healthy food.She now lives and works in Rome inspired by its beauty (and she feels that aesthetics is a spiritual experience), teaching and expanding Breathworks, Mindfulness TM method and Shiatsu.
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Dave Wassermann


Healing, transformation and creativity have been at the centre of my life for the last 40 years. For a quarter of a century I worked as a cranial osteopath, bringing healing and change into the lives of many. I’ve done lots of other things as well including being a cook in Paris, leading a children’s theatre group, writing and staging plays, creating earthworks and pottery and animating nature awareness courses and have hosted and taught many varied groups.

Nowadays i put my energy into dance and movement, creating a forest garden, deepening awareness, growing fruits and vegetables, ecological building projects and running a centre for individuals and courses, supporting guests and participants in realising their potential and dreams.IMG_1713

Me musing on creating Land Art

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