Dave’s musings on Land Art

Land Art

Out in the open

Sun rising, purples and yellows and reds, take my breath away, reflecting on the trees. Illuminating the land

Space around me

Space within me

Me and Nature together

A tree, me , what’s the difference; there is but no superiority

I feel so happy and blessed and at one

I merge, my ‘me’  is lost, we dance together, both growing and existing  in this wondrous world

An idea enters my mind ,  pokes through the fabric of the earth, arises in the air around

Why don’t I make that, wow yes that’s a great idea,

My thought or a wave flowing in from space

I seize it, get busy; lots of ideas – oh I can …. And then I could use that… and what about … ,oh look… that  looks  good, interesting , nice

and I can use those stones and look at that wood, what an incredible shape and if I put it like that

And so I return to my original concept, thought and now flesh it out with material

Mmn yes and I could use those leaves and place them on the slope like this, that’s going to look really good

And perhaps become lost in the creation; how do I do this, does it fit , does it work?

No it doesn’t look right there, if I just move it round a bit and what about using some of those….

Lost in the detail, where’s my original idea; no, yes this feels right

How do I get my vision across, create it

And time doing nothing, waiting , absorbing

Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, wow,mmmmmn , I’ll do that

Trusting myself, trusting the natural world to inform me

Playing around with materials, bits and pieces, whats happened to my  original design, thought, idea

Progress, false starts. Getting blocked, discarding, using

This isn’t working, ugh

Going deep again to feel myself as a bit of nature and not the creator

Another day and I’m in touch with nature again but how do I DO/MAKE this

Nature/creator, back and forth, pulled this way and that

And that goes there, hey I like this

A flow of activity,creation

Mmmmmmn    no questions just a flow of knowing and doing

Stuttering, unsure

And so on

Giving birth, when to stop, in my head or still connected and informed by the natural world

I could just move that… no , yes I like it, it feels complete

Yes this is the moment, enough

Deep pleasure and connection – and unsure still-


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