There are many different ways to define Mindfulness; one of them is:-

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way;
On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”   by Kabat Zinn

Deciding to stay fully aware of our feelings, sensations and thoughts in the present moment helps us to refine our perceptions and to make our experience of daily life richer and fresher. The more we are doing it the more intimate we become with ourselves.
By being fully aware moment to moment we regain the ability to choose how to act instead of reacting in an automatic way.

In moments of totally being present to ourselves, our surroundings , the situation and other people, there is a small empty moment between our experience and our reaction in which creativity can arise, and we are are able to make spontaneous and wiser decisions.
Being Mindful means that our body, our emotions and our mind are in the same place at the same moment and that, in itself, already brings a state of healing.


There are ever more studies showing how Mindfulness can benefit us and how it can be applied in many different contexts.

  • improving health and easing pain 
  • stabilising our emotional states
  • assisting with sleeping problems
  • helping us to manage stress better
  • improving our relationship skills
  • enhancing resilience
  • increasing our capacity to connect with our internal and external resources

Mindfulness can open up our creativity by connecting us more with our inside world.
By not judging what we are feeling, sensing or thinking, our world becomes bigger and we become more whole. We start to be aware of all the possibilities we have.

Mindfulness can be trained, we have the ability to rewire our brain.

There are various practices to deepen and train this way of being so we can benefit more fully from this nourishing state.

During this week you will be introduced to different kinds of mindfulness practices, some of them sitting, some lying and some in movement. You will have plenty of time to experiment with them during the week. Once you have learned these practices you will be able to continue to practice on your own at home.
After the course Mindfulness with all its benefits will be freely available to you in any moment and in any situation.


Mindfulness and creativity are strongly connected.


Creativity is not exclusive to artists. We are all  creating our lives day to day. When we are fully present to ourselves and to the world in the present moment, creativity arises.
We need to be curious and courageous to step out of our habits so we can explore the unknown .

Creativity can only be found in the unknown. Old patterns and automatic ways of reacting lead us down the same road all the time. By being fully present and connecting more deeply with ourselves small precious moments of emptiness open up. This is where we regain the possibility to choose how we want to act, instead of reacting automatically and habitually.

It is in these empty moments that creativity can arise and we are able to discover new ways, different roads and unusual (to us) possibilities of being.

Being creative means being able/lets us/helps us to invent every step and every day anew and fresh.

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