“ The more we attend to what is happening inside us, the more our mind will be blessed by a well-deserved silence. It will then be in splendid form to function -Alive fresh and creative.”             Daniel Odier

To live ‘well’ is an art that develops from how fully we perceive and inhabit our worlds, and our ability to respond creatively to what we find. Imagination is an integral and essential part of our being

Bringing qualities of curiosity, passion, humour and flexibility to the interplay of our awareness and imagination with ‘what is’, enables us to be more present from moment to moment, enriching our experience.




We are creative when we are interacting with our direct experience and we are responding in a way which is new or unusual for us.                                                                                                          There is an openness to things not having to be as we already know them

In order to be creative it helps to be open and less afraid of the unknown and of possible outcomes.

 These are some of the qualities associated with creativity which you will be exploring & strengthening (during this course/week)                                                                               .independance of judgement                                                                                                                       .non conformity                                                                                                                                  .persistance and willingness to keep on trying                                                                                           . curiosity                                                                                                                                                   .being adventurous 

We need to actively engage with ourselves and the world around us

 Often there is something we have to do or have to cope with but we can’t, we are unable to find a solution. In reality there many solutions; we just can’t see them, we have lost that ability, we have become stuck! Opening up our awareness to a wider terrain, to a larger context lets us be creative again. A simple example of this is how some people can cook really lovely dishes but need to have a recipe and all the ingredients, otherwise they can’t do it; they are unable to ‘invent’. This makes life really stressful, everything needs to be there or else it doesn’t work.

As ripples of creativity spread out they dissolve the kernels of stress and stuckness.


It is within our bodies, in our instinctual and sensory responses that we discover the changing field of what is happening to us. In the rush and pressure of our everyday lives we easily become numbed and cut off from our bodies and lose connection to what is in and around us, to the present moment of our lives. To move out of our heads and into the sensory world of the body awakens us not only to sensation but also to a slower deeper landscape beneath the surface of everyday awareness. We slow down and catch up with ourselves. And while at first we may feel clumsy, stiff and numbed, presently we come back to ourselves to breathe and feel the living, sensing presence of our bodies and the ground beneath our feet and wake up to ourselves as body and the living world about us.


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